1263 -- Sir Bedavere's Bogus Division Solutions
Time Limit :1000 MS Memory Limit :65536 KB
Accepts : 30 Submits : 92
User Accepts : 28 User Submits : 31
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The wise Sir Bedavere often uses non-standard logic, yet achieves positive results1.
Well, it seems he has been at it again, this time with division. He has determined that
canceling the common digit of a numerator and denominator produces the correct
answer. Of course, Sir Bedavere only tried this on a small sample of three digit
numbers. An example of what he did is shown in the following division problem (in
which he canceled the common 6):
Your task is to find all three digit number combinations with the following property:
number combinations where removing the rightmost digit from the top number
(numerator) and the identical leftmost digit from the bottom number (denominator)
leaves the result of the calculation unchanged.
Omit all of the trivial cases — xxx/xxx = xx/xx (222/222 = 22/22). The solutions are to
be shown in increasing order of the top number (the numerator).


NONE! There is no input for this problem.


Show the bogus division problems one to a line in the format shown below (which gives
a sample merely to show the format) — single spaces separate the non-blank
217 / 775 = 21 / 75
249 / 996 = 24 / 96

Sample Input


Sample Output


North America Pacific Northwest 2006
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