1032 -- The Drunk Jailer
Time Limit :1000 MS Memory Limit :65536 KB
Accepts : 381 Submits : 764
User Accepts : 331 User Submits : 342
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A certain prison contains a long hall of n cells, each right next to each other. Each cell has a prisoner in it, and each cell is locked. One night, the jailer gets bored and decides to play a game. For round 1 of the game, he takes a drink of whiskey,and then runs down the hall unlocking each cell. For round 2, he takes a drink of whiskey, and then runs down the hall locking every other cell (cells 2, 4, 6, ?). For round 3, he takes a drink of whiskey, and then runs down the hall. He visits every third cell (cells 3, 6, 9, ?). If the cell is locked, he unlocks it; if it is unlocked, he locks it. He repeats this for n rounds, takes a final drink, and passes out. Some number of prisoners, possibly zero, realizes that their cells are unlocked and the jailer is incapacitated. They immediately escape. Given the number of cells, determine how many prisoners escape jail.

The first line of input contains a single positive integer. This is the number of lines that follow. Each of the following lines contains a single integer between 5 and 100, inclusive, which is the number of cells n.


For each line, you must print out the number of prisoners that escape when the prison has n cells.

Sample Input



Sample Output





Greater New York 2002
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